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By Ellis P. Mendiola
Fourteen months ago I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and spent two months at home recuperating. Due to the high heat in our area, one of my doctors recommended that I not do any fishing for a year. It was during this time that I again took up flytying seriously. Along with rod building, tying would be good way to keep myself occupied. It was during this time that I also started viewing Fly Anglers OnLine and enjoying the many articles written on the subject of fly-fishing.

The article by Ed Mercado on finding places to fish in the city really hit home. For the past year, I too have discovered that there are many places to fish near one's home if time is taken to do a little search. I found a pond five minutes from home that was left after some freeway construction a few years back. I started going to that pond to do some practice casting and to see how my new flies would appear in the water. Lo and behold, there were many bream and small bass in that pond. Since then it has become a favorite spot for my fly-fishing nephew and I. His biggest bass so far has been a two pounder that he caught on one of my Clouser minnows. To boot, it was Chris' first bass on a fly.

My nephew Chris and I decided that maybe we could find other places nearby to fly-fish. A trip to a local fly shop put on some carp fishing areas. A video was shown to us on carp fishing in the city. We bought some hooks and coffee beans, tied some flies and Chris has been carp fishing in a small bayou that runs by his apartment. I have not tried carp fishing yet but it is on my lists of things to do this coming year.

There are so many places to fish that I was not aware of and I overlooked them in the past. This is the time of year that our State Parks department stocks rainbow trout in our public parks. All one needs is a fishing license and a trout stamp to fish these areas...and you can keep some of the fish for consumption. I saw an old man fishing a drainage ditch on my way to our city lake. I stopped and chatted awhile and he told me that he catches crappie out of those ditches. This is yet another place to do some fly-fishing. Up the road from the freeway pond I found another hole to fish. So the list goes on and on.

My thanks again to Ed Mercado for his article...the fishing can be right here at home.

Cheers. ~ Ellis

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