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Texas Fall

By Rex Walker, Texas
There have been some recent comments on the bulletin board indicating that winter has started moving in and the fishing has slowed down for the more northern part of the country. Here in Texas, November is still a prime warm-water fishing month and the Striper fishing can be excellent this time of year.

Lake Texoma

The Stripers were very active on the Saturday afternoon before Thanksgiving on Lake Texoma. The lake temperature finally cooled off and nature's personal fish finders, the seagulls, had returned for the winter and were showing where the fish were feeding. Today I passed five separate schools of feeding Stripers. The first school was even located inside the marina. Normally, I'd have been real happy to find five schools, but you'll notice that I said passed not fished. Since fall had finally arrived and the trees had turned red, orange, and yellow, I was sightseeing with my wife, daughter, and dog and I didn't have a rod in the boat. Instead of chasing Stripers, we were looking at the colorful leaves and the first bald eagles of the season. Every time I see one, I am amazed at the magnificence of a bald eagle along a lakeshore.

A couple of weeks earlier I did have my rod with me on the lake. That weekend was one of those perfect weather days that caused me to buy my first boat. That Sunday afternoon was 70 degrees with the wind gusting to 5 miles an hour. Who can refuse to go fishing on a 70-degree November day with no wind? After all, those days are rare even around here.

Even with the perfect weather, I was only able to fit in two hours of fishing time that wonderful day. I started with several streamers using a 7 wt and all of them were completely ignored. It only took a couple of casts with a white crease fly to result in a nice 14 inch large mouth. A couple of smaller bass and a couple of "early release" bass followed that first fish. I have grown very fond of the crease fly pattern, it is easy to cast and it catches fish! All of those strikes came in less than three feet of water on a point that is within sight of the boat ramp.

Eisenhower State Park

Since I was fishing alone with a short amount of time, I had decided to try catching my first carp on a fly. I had located a cove that had been holding carp for several weeks. So, I was planning to make a serious effort to catch one of them. I had dug out one my seldom opened fly boxes that contained "trout flies" and selected something that looked like a good "carp fly" instead of one of my usual "bass flies". I was ready to sight cast to a carp when I arrived in the cove. Well, I'm sure some of you know what happened. I was ready cast to a carp but there weren't any of them in the cove that day. Oh well, maybe next time.

On the way back to the boat ramp, a 14 inch Striper took the same white crease fly in the same location as the large mouth bass earlier. That fish was a nice way to finish the day before heading home. Gee, I sure do like fall in Texas.

Have fun, ~ Rex

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