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By Rick Zieger, Iowa

I went to a new pond that I had been told had some great fishing. The land owner had given me permission to fish it. He also told me where to find the key to get through the gate.

I went to the pond and found that it was much larger than I had been lead to believe. This thing was just under 20 acres in size. That is four to six times larger that most of the places that I fish. But it was supposed to have good fishing. I was willing to try.

The water was fairly clear so I went with a flashy fly and one with a little more bulk to see what might happen. I put the flies all over that lake and at many different depths. The fish must not have liked what they saw.

I decided to put on a small leech pattern and a hares ear type fly and fish under some of the bushes and tress that were along the shore on the south side. I hoped there might be a few gills in this area. The flies were getting hit, but nothing was being hooked. I had been using a size 10 Goldie Jr and a size 12 hares ear type fly.

I put on a size 16 PTN and a size 20 midge. The midge was black woolly nylon with some very fine silver wire as a rib. Neither was elaborate, but might be small enough to catch something.

I would cast the fly near the vegetation on the bank and let the fly drop.

I did pick up a few fairly good bluegills doing this. I found the longer I let the fly drop the better chance I had of getting a decent fish. Neither fly was weighted so it took a long time to drop to where the fish might take it. I started casting out both flies about a minute apart and letting them both drop slowly. This is legal in Iowa, so check you local regulations.

With that much time between the two flies hitting the water one of them was always deeper than the other. If a fish hit the first one I had it landed before the second got to the depth where a fish might take it. This did not happen very often, but enough to keep it fairly interesting.

I moved on around the pond looking for more fish. When I got to the dam end the trees ended.

I changed to some other flies and started fishing a little deeper to see what I might find. It turned out to not be much of anything.

I tried other flies and even fished a few bigger flies to see if that might tempt the fish. I was about half way around the pond when another boat came to fish it. This was the land owner.

He came by to check and see what I might be catching. I showed him what I had and told him that I had not connected with any crappie.

He told me the pond had bluegill, bass and channel cat. None of his ponds had crappie in them.

He was trying this lake for the first time to see how it would fish. He has owned the land for less than six months. He knew the previous owner had let some other people come in and fish.

He also told me that he had been informed by a few other people that some folks came in and used a seine net to drag the pond and took huge numbers of fish out. That is why the gate was locked.

I fished a little longer and then headed home.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick Zieger

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