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A Few Fish

By Rick Zieger, Iowa

It was a slow first week of June at the lake. With the rain that we have had there is too much stuff washed into the lake. I also found out that one of the dams at the north end of the lake that was set up to be like a settling pond had been breached. There are no plans to fix this breach, so all the water that runs off the fields has a straight shot into the lake.

Visibility is still very poor. So I am using bright flies to get as much flash as I can out of them. Hopefully this will make them more visible. I am not sure that it helps when the water is this dirty, but it sure makes me feel better to think that I am doing all I can to make the fly visible to fish.

I am using a Cyperts minnow and a silver Goldie Jr. Both are bright flies that will reflect any light that gets into the water. I have the whole area to fish. I guess no one else is dumb enough to be out fishing after all the rain we have had. But the best time to go fishing is when you can.

I pick up a fish here and there as I fish along the jetty. I also pick up a few when I move over to the flat and fish it. Not many fish at any place, but enough to keep me trying. I will admit that I would still be trying, even if I had not caught any fish.

I do know that the fish I catch are all hooked while the fly is in the top few feet of water.

I have no idea if the fish are coming up from below the fly to take it or are at that depth. I just know that it is usually one fish to an area and then move on.

Tuesday night we had a "frog strangler" rain. We also had a tornado about 6 miles west of us and some rotation in the clouds south of us. We left the house and went to the church. Our house does not have a basement. The church is also a much stouter building than our house.

We waited until the rain has slowed down a lot before we headed home. The water was puddled in any place that was low. It was still running off some of the fields and washing over the road. Not more than an inch or two, but still a lot of water came down.

I caught two fish on Thursday and on Friday also. The wind was also blowing about 30 mph each day. I am not the best caster into the wind in any case, but it sure is hard to try to keep a fly level when the line is moving up and down so much. Out on the more open part of the lake there were whitecaps.

I felt fairly good about even catching the fish that I did. Not very good conditions, but I still got a few. Hopefully the rain will slow down over the whole Midwest.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick Zieger

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