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Weed Top Crappie

By Richard Zieger,Iowa

It was Saturday morning and time to go fishing. My wife was gone for a few days to see her brother. That meant that there were no time constraints. I headed back to the same pond that I had caught the crappie in before, in "Lily Pad Crappie." I had not caught many crappie this year and wanted to get some more to cook up. I will also admit that I wanted to go back and get some pictures to show what the pond looks like.

We did have some rain showers go through on Friday afternoon. I waited until about 8:00 am to go out so the grass would have a chance to dry out. I did not want to get stuck not being able to go up the hill to get away from the pond. It would be a long hike home.

I got to the pond and got everything loaded into the canoe. I had four fly rods with me so I could try different flies to see what might work. I had two 3 wts, a 5 wt and a 6 wt. This way if I need to change flies then I change them four at a time and then spend my time fishing.

I got the canoe down to the edge of pond. I grabbed the rod with white boa yarn fly with the white legs and cast it out into the pond. I wanted to see if there were any crappie in the lily pads near the shore, before the canoe went over them. Eight casts resulted in five small bass and no crappie. Time to launch the canoe and see what might happen.


I worked along the shoreline that you see on the left side of the first picture above. I cast by the lily pads and between them. I got several more bass, but no crappie. I moved up to the dam end of the pond and cast up against the shore and brought the fly back out slowly.

This did work a little better; about every 20 feet I got a crappie. I did get several more little bass along here. I decided to try down the far side of the pond, as I know that it drops off faster on that side of the pond. I was still trying flies to see if there was anything that the fish really liked.



I did pick up a few more crappie along this shore, but it was not fast fishing. But I was getting enough to make a meal. I did try on down the shore to the end of the pond. There was a fish here and there, but no real pattern to where the fish were.


The one thing I had not tried was to get out into the center of the pond and cast. If they don't appear to be along the shore, then they might be out in the center of the pond. I got out in the center and dropped one anchor to hold me in place. I had a Marabou Miss on that had some weight to get it down a little farther and stay there. I was fishing in the area you see in the second picture.

I counted it down and managed to hook the weeds. On the next cast I did not let it drop as long before I started the retrieve. I had brought the fly back about 10 feet when I felt the tap and had a crappie on. I am enough of a creature of habit that if it works once then you try it again. I cast out again and it was a repeat story. Another nice crappie went into the fish basket.

On about four out of five casts I got a crappie. All of these fish were caught when the fly was just above the weed tops. I don't know if the fish were in the weeds and coming up or were just swimming above the weeds. I just know that they like it when the fly was near the weed tops. This was happening in about eight feet of water, with the weed tops down about five feet.

I was having a ball when I felt the first raindrops. I looked at the clouds and was not sure how much was going to come, but thought it was time to get out of the valley I was in. I got out to the road and was starting to drive down the road when the rain hit. It was a fairly hard shower that lasted for about 20 minutes.

I am glad that I was out of the field before that started. Here is a picture of a few of the crappie that I got.


Lots of Crappie

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick

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