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Futile Week

By Rick Zieger

I went out over my lunch hours again. As long as the water is not hard I will be going out. We have had some rain showers come through. This helps the water level, but it can also was in some mud and give the water some color.

The wind is blowing on the main lake when I get out Tuesday so I decide to fish the settling pond. I know that it may be slow as the water is up a little and looks like coffee with cream in it. That means that flies will have to be on the nose of fish before they will see them.

I use and red and yellow boa yarn leech on one rod and a modified soft hackle on the other. I tie the soft hackle normally and the put three wraps of a dry fly hackle in front of it to push water on the retrieve. These flies are tied with a bead head to get them to sink. The bushiness of the dry fly hackle will push the water a lot more than a wet hackle will. I think the fish pick this up with their lateral line. The wet hackle is still there for the motion of the fly, but that is only important when the fish can see the fly.

In any case I get some practice casting in. I switch flies to some other things that do not do any better. I spend the last 20 minutes casting left-handed. I am getting better at this all the time. It is also useful more times that I would want to admit to "Superman".

I head out again on Thursday, but do not spend much time at the lake. The storms arrive with the lightening and thunder. A lead bottom and a graphite stick in the air are not good combination to have out in those conditions. I give up and head back to the office. This is the best reason I have all week for not catching any fish.

Hope springs eternal on Friday. I head out again to the lake. The settling pond is up quite a bit. There is water running into the culvert. I take this as a good thing as that means there will be a little current in the pond. Hopefully the fish will recognize this and come into this area looking for any food that would funnel in.

I change flies and go to a Pheasant tail nymph and a Hares Ear type fly to fish. Both have bead heads, but would be more like what the fish might see in the water. It is a great theory, but does not work in practice. I do a lot of casting, but do not get the fish interested in what is being offered.

I have fished the flies at all levels of the water column. I have tried different retrieves with them. In fact I even tie the PTN on as a dropper under a popper and cast that out.

No matter what I do the fish are not interested.

I end up with zero strikes and zero fish for the week.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick Zieger

(Written 10/22/07)

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