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Different Spots - Different Flies
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

Publisher's Note:
Rick's fishing season is over until the ice melts, but we have a nice stash of articles he has written in the past as ideas or events occured to him. We hope this will explain apparent 'out of season' articles.

I headed out on Saturday morning. I knew that the rain was coming, but it doesn't seems to bother the fish. I did go to a different pond that I knew I could get out of if it rained very much. Some of the other ponds have dirt roads that get slicked like "greased snot" when they are wet.

I had received a few flies from Gary Miller that he really likes for gills. The trouble was that they had not worked for me, but I was going to keep trying them. I know this pond has gills and bass in it. So I went with a peacock sword tail nymph and a floating/suspending nymph. After 15 minutes and no fish I decided that it was time to try something different. I opened my boxes and looked at the flies. A little guilt made me tie on one of Gary's Granny Bugs and I tied a black and red Skip Morris Panfish (SMP)on the other rod. The guilt was that I might not have tried the Granny Bug often enough.

I cast the Granny Bug (GB) so it landed about 3 feet from the weed edge. The fly had dropped about a foot when the line tightened and I had the first gill of the day. This was a brightly colored male that turned sideways and tried to go to China. After landing this fish I cast about 10 feet to the side of where I hooked this one and had a repeat performance. A few more casts did not produce a fish so I cast it toward the center of the pond, with no success. I switched to the other rod with the SMP on it I cast toward the center of the pond. As I was letting the fly drop the line tightened and I was into another gill. This fish circled the canoe twice before I got her in. I did not get another strike there so I moved a little way down the pond.

I picked up a few more fish near the shore with the GB and a few in the center with the SMP. Neither fly would work at the other place. I tried them several times. I even tried a few other flies and none of them worked as well as the two that I had on. I finally went back to these two flies and continued to catch fish.

My downfall came when I cast the GB into a little pocket in the weeds along the shore line. When the fish hit and I sat he hook I was into a fairly good sized bass. This fish headed for the middle of the pond and then reversed itself and headed for the weeds. This fish got to the edge of the weeds and jumped. When she landed in the weeds that was it for the leader and the fly. It was the only GB that I had with me. I will have to tie some now.

I continue to cast out with the SMP and was catching fish about every ten feet as I moved down the pond. I was having fun and the fish were cooperating. Then I heard the rumble of thunder.

I looked back and could see the bolts of lightening in the distance. I quickly reeled the line in and got everything in the canoe. I hurried to shore and quickly loaded everything into the truck.

I had just got to the main road when the downpour started. I had to travel 10 miles an hour because I could not see any father than that. I had gone about two miles when I drove out of the storm. When I got home my wife said that it had barely rained there but she had seen the storm to the west of the house. She was also very glad that I had enough sense to leave the pond.

I did end up with 49 gills. About 20 came on the GB and the rest on the SMP. I did catch about 30 bass on the flies also. Not bad for just over two hours.

It is not the first time it has happened to me, but I still find it a little strange that two flies can work differently on the same day. One will catch fish near the shore and the other away from the shore and they will not work the other way. I think that is part of why they call it fishing and not catching.

If you want information on the GB, let me know and I will put you in contact with Gary. I don't feel free to give details of the fly as he has them commercially available.

I hope you can get out on the water.

PS I just got in a 3 piece 10 ft 5 wt to build. I will let you know how it works when I get it built. ~ Rick Zieger

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