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One Fish Per Fly

By Rick Zieger

Went out to the lake today for my lunch hour. Weather was great. Temperature in mid 50's with a few gusts of wind to about 12 mph according to the weather report. A lot better than the lower 40's with a 25 mph wind that had been going on for a few days. Yes, I still went out but did not catch anything and who talks or writes about their failures?

Put on a couple of flies that I had not used for a while and cast out into the pond I was fishing. Moved the fly about 10 feet when I saw the end of the fly line twitch. I set the hook and had a crappie of about 10" on the line and hooked solidly in the corner of the mouth. I thought I was onto something and cast back in the same general area and moved the fly in the same way. Not a thing happened.

After about ten casts with that fly I switched rods and cast with a different fly. This one had gone about five feet when another crappie hit it. The next dozen casts were done for the practice effect of casting. I cast near the same spot and to different areas away from that spot.

By this time I had figured out that I had caught a fish on the first cast with each fly I had used. Could this be a pattern? I switched flies on each rod to see if there was any merit to this idea.

My first cast was a forgetable expericne. I fought that seven foot bush for five minutes to get my fly back. The second cast was better. The wind had stopped and the water was clear enough form me to see the fish flash as it took the fly. This was a 10 inch bass. Ten more casts with this fly allowed me to miss the bush each time but produced no fish.

I switched poles at cast again. I had just started to move the fly when the line felt heavy so I set the hook assuming there was a fish on the line. It was another crappie of about eight inches. This was a fly I had caught a lot of crappie on so I tired it again to no avail. A dozen casts with this fly do not even produced a strike or flash at the fly.

I again swtiched flies on both poles. On the first or second cast I would get a fish but it was one fish per fly. I even went back to a few of the flies I had used earlier today but they would not work. Each time a put on a new fly I would catch a fish.

I caught eight crappie, three bluegill and the one bass in the 50 minutes I was out. Very nice way to spend a lunch hour.

Hope you get out on the water. ~ Rick (Written 11/08/2002)

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