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September 8th, 2003

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Q. From WD4BGL: Are there any books just on the hatches of the great smoky mtns area?.

A. I found your answer in a local fly fishing shop; actually only a partial answer because the book addresses fly patterns rather than hatches. However, it seems to be the closest I could find. There is a new book entitled Smoky Mountain Fly Patterns by Roger Lowe. It costs $5 for a soft, spiral bound copy. I do not know the publisher but the ISBN No. is: ISBN:0-LOWE-0010-0. There is also a video with the same title costing $24.95, ISBN:0-LOWE-0020-0.

I also learned through a colleague that there are two men currently writing a book called The Hatches of SE US Trout Streams. I don't know if has been published yet. Their names are Steve Hiner and Harry Steeves; you might want to watch for this.
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