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June 16th, 2003

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Q. From John: I have some questions regarding the pronunciations of a few aquatic insects. For Baetis, I have heard this pronounced BAY-tis and BEE-tis. With Tricos, I have heard TREE-cos and TRY-cos. and for Chironomid, I have heard KUR-RON-O-Mid and CHUR-RON-O-Mid. Which of these is correct?

A. You'll probably be surprised, but the answer is all of them! Let me explain. Although there are very strict rules (see below) for the correct way to write these names, there are no definitive rules on pronouncing them. If you attend a professional meeting of aquatic entomologists and listen to their papers, you will hear different pronunciations of the same name. So, if the experts can't agree, I wouldn't worry too much. For the examples you give, the most common pronunciations are BAY-tis, TRY-cos, and either KYRO-nomids or ky-RON-omids; seldom do you hear the first syllable pronounced CHUR.

While I'm on this bandwagon, outdoor writers don't seem to be aware of the rules for writing scientific names. I published an article on the correct use of scientific names in the Outdoor Writers of America Newsletter, but I don't think anybody read it. To use your question as an example (and I don't mean to criticize, merely illustrate), there are three mistakes: First, Baetis is a true generic name and should be capitalized and italicized in print. Second, tricos is a "slang" name for the genus Tricorythodes and is not capitalized. Third, the same for chironomid, a "slang" name for the family Chironomidae or the genus Chironomus. These "slang" or common names are neither capitalized nor italicized; baetid is a common name for Baetis.
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