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May 16th, 2005

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Q. Can trout re-grow the slime/mucous layer that fishermen often wipe off with dry hands or poor quality nets?

A. Yes, the mucous is secreted from living cells and can be replaced.

This mucous layer serves the fish three ways: (1) as a lubricant to aid passage through the water, (2) to protect the skin from bacteria, fungi, or other parasitic organisms, and (3) to keep the fish "water-tight" and help control movement of chemicals through the skin.

Incidentally, the effect of removal of the slime by anglers is controversial. One test, using trout caught with flies, separated half of them handled with wet hands and half with dry hands; survival was no different between the two groups. It is thought by some that greater removal of slime by handling with dry hands was counterbalanced by the fact that these fish were more easily handled and returned to the water quicker and with less trauma. ~ Bert

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