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April 19th, 2004

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Q. From Exrayone: How do you locate schools that offer courses in aquatic entomology - for the flyfishers so inclined?

A. There are many schools that offer such courses. The North American Benthological Society recently published a list of these together with instructors' names. I would be glad to xerox and send you the entire list if you want it, or if you are looking for a school in a certain vicinity (state?), I could just extract that information and send you that list via mail or e-mail. If you want the list mailed, be sure to send me a mailing address. Let me know at

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The 'Stream Doctor' is a retired professional stream ecologist and author, now living in the West and spending way too much time fly-fishing. You are invited to submit questions relating to anything stream related directly to him for use in this Q & A Feature at

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