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January 13th, 2003

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Q. From Greg in California. I was fishing the Kings River in California's Central Valley. On this particular day there was a black caddis hatch and I could have sworn I was bitten by one of the little buggers. Can caddisflies bite, or was I bitten by a mosquito that looked like a caddisfly after I squished it? Just wandering. Thank you for your time.

A. Unless you've got plant nectar flowing in your veins, it was probably a mosquito. Seriously, those caddisflies that feed as adults during their short adult life span feed on plant liquids.

I'll toss in another point. In your question you wrote "caddis flies" as two words, and "caddisfly" as one word. The latter is correct; I corrected the incorrect one. Only the true flies in the order Diptera have their names written as two words, e.g., black flies, deer flies, crane flies, etc. Other orders are one word, e.g., stoneflies, mayflies, caddisflies, etc. Thought you might like to know.
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