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By Capt. Doug Sinclair, Grantsboro, NC.

It rained trucks. You couldn't even get out without being drenched. Sometimes the weather just won't cooperate. Weather reports, as it turns out, are just about as reliable as Fishing Reports.

Did you ever stop to consider how difficult it is writing a weekly fishing report? How many times can you talk about catching the same old fish day after day, week after week? I bet it could get down right boring. So why do these magazines and newspapers carry so much information about fishing reports. Because, we all want good news! And, it's great to hear that there are so many anglers catching fish. This information sells newspapers, magazines and websites.

Did you read the newspaper last Sunday? It said another weather front was moving in over the weekend. Consider an article written about a well-known area and you are caught in a torrential downpour. It can absolutely ruin your day. Fresh water runoff from a rain will also deplete the amount of available oxygen to fish and force them down. So you go anyway thinking that people fish in the rain (but not in saltwater). Mountain stream waters are constantly moving and the rain doesn't have the same impact on those fish as it does on saltwater species. This is especially true of areas where the water is locked by minimal tide flow, like in lagoons. The water is super salty and the fish like it that way until, of course, it rains.

Everybody is just so darn happy about fishing reports. I was asked to write one for a famous fly-fishing outfitter. I guess the same report would be good for any good day that the air temperature was above 60 and the water wasn't cold enough to freeze the fish before you caught them. It wouldn't be great for cold days, because you'd have to wait until mid-afternoon to catch anything.

I saw a recent report that really captures your imagination. Wild estimates of catches and types of fish spread like wildfire throughout the south. I thought it was a real stretch when a couple of well-known fly-fishing guides had cancelled their trips. Both canceled because the weather was unbelievable. But the fishing! Well now let the truth be known, the fishing was off. I mean really off. There weren't any birds, baitfish, not even crabs lurking about.

The barometer fell below 29.01 and the arrow kept pointing down. That wasn't all bad until it rained for 3.5 hours. Fishing reports can be really fishy - don't you think?

Please don't teach your trash to swim. ~ Doug ~ Doug Sinclair

About Doug:

Capt. Doug Sinclair has relocated from New Smyrna Beach, Florida to Grantsboro, NC. He specializes in fly-fishing and light tackle charters. Doug charters the Coastal Carolina area of New Bern or Oriental. Catch him on the web at www.flyfishacademy.net or call him at (252) 745-3500. Doug is also a Sponsor here on FAOL.

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