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Welcome to Fly Fishing The Salt! If you are just discovering the joys of fly fishing the salt (or salt chuck as some call it) here you will find information to steer you in the right direction. Tips on what equipment to use, why, where and how to fish. And we will try to include a little inspiration to get you going. For the experienced salt water angler, there will be personal stories about real fishermen and their experiences, tips on what flies for which fish and techniques that work. Your stories and articles are also most welcome. Share the knowledge and adventure. Pass it on! This is for you.

Poor Man's Tarpon

By Capt. Doug Sinclair, Grantsboro, NC.

Sweat beaded down my temples. The hair on my neck was wet. My arms were so tired I thought they would fall off. A half hour had passed since the first hook up. How much more could I stand. Six fish in under 60 minutes.

It was early morning and the back creek bustled with bait. Fins and tails rolled on the surface and an occasional explosion almost catapulted my angler off the bow. The sun had just started to rise when the rocket came out of the water. Blue iridescent foam sprayed in all directions. My low light sunglasses were covered in salt over-spray. Water from the mighty fish's splash dripped off my chin. Light cascaded in arcs down each side into the erupting creek.

The giant fish exploded on the puppy drum fly and shook it from side to side. Solid hookup. Running faster and faster it split in front of the bow and then stopped and dove. All of a sudden out she came. Head shaking. Tail bursting with speed through the depths to reach the surface. Flying like a solid rocket booster straight up and over on her side. Splash!

Dennis' Ladyfish Couldn't Hold Still

Then back again. Second wind. Mindful that the hook was still there, the shaking started all over again. Only now she raced more furious that before. Every gesture was more erratic and more intense. Until that moment when we thought the rod would surely break. Slack!

Call her Cuban Tarpon, Ten Pounder, Skip Jack or just plain Dynamite. Exploding on anything that moves in its path from a fly to a Spook Jr. to a live mullet. The mighty Ladyfish, will strike hard and without compromise. She will take your breath away.

JWs Ladyfish caught using a Dupree Spoonfly Ladyfish are in the Elopidae (Tarpons) family, elops saurus, and similar to the Silver King, Megalops Atlanticus. They are found everywhere in inshore saltwater estuaries, bays and occasionally freshwater, occurring in tidal pools and canals. They form large schools and harass bait on the surface. Ladyfish will run between 2 to 3 pounds with the Florida State Record being 4 pounds 10 ounces. They are known to spawn offshore. Adults feed predominantly on fish and crustaceans.

So next time you want some unbelievable fun, especially on a fly rod, hook yourself up a Ladyfish and be prepared for the fight of your life. Who said Ladyfish weren't fun to catch?

Please don't teach your trash to swim. ~ Doug Sinclair

About Doug:

Capt. Doug Sinclair has relocated from New Smyrna Beach, Florida to Grantsboro, NC. He specializes in fly-fishing and light tackle charters. Doug charters the Coastal Carolina area of New Bern or Oriental. Catch him on the web at www.flyfishacademy.net or call him at (252) 745-3500. Doug is also a Sponsor here on FAOL.

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