Finishing Label Areas

By Tom Kirkman

Here is a question from Volume 5 - Issue #3 of RodMaker Magazine.

RodMaker Magazine

Hi Tom, I'm getting ready to do the finish on some rod wraps and I thought I might give your hand turning method a try. I've always had trouble on the label wrap getting wavy. Some people say I use too much finish and some say I'm using too little. I use LS Supreme. Could you give me a few hints on doing a successful job? Thanks. ~ Ron...Tuldlake, CA

I have found the trick on these longer areas is to brush the finish out lengthwise, taking care to only apply enough finish to cover the entire surface to a fairly thin depth. It is also important to make sure your rod is level. ~ Tom Kirkman

Publishers note:

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along! Help out your fellow rodmakers! ~ Publisher, FAOL

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