Oil Finishes

By Tom Kirkman

Here's a Question from Volume 3 - Issue #3 issue of RodMaker magazine:

RodMaker Magazine

In one of your previous Q&A columns, you talked about oil finishes for wood reel seat inserts. With all the various formulations on the market, how can I know if what I am working with is really a pure oil or if something else has been added? The manufacturer won't tell me. ~ Ben, Dayton TX

Take the product you are working with and pour some of it out onto a clean, smooth surface, preferably a piece of glass if you have some handy. You don't need much, just enough to cover maybe a silver-dollar-sized area. Let it set up overnight and examine it the next day. If it is soft and a bit wrinkled, you have an oil. If it has dried hard and smooth, you have some type of wiping varnish. There is nothing wrong with either type and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully you have chosen the best product for your particular application. ~ Tom Kirkman

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