Keep A Component Stash

By Russ Gooding

Here's a tip from Volume 5 - Issue #1 issue of RodMaker magazine:

RodMaker Magazine

Coming from a component retailer, this tip might seem self-serving, however it is with service in mind that I bring it up. It is inevitable, Murphy's Law if you will, that when you are making a rod under a tight deadline, you'll be missing a winding check, a tip top, or one #1 snake. You know darn well you ordered the right components, but the snakes were swatted off your bench by the cat and landed in a shag rug, the tip-top turned out to be a size smaller than you need (to spite the spec chart that you ordered from), and the winding check, while nominally the correct diameter seems to be a less than perfect fit.

Practiced rodmakers know a few ways to squeak by with non-ideal components, but it would be nicer to use the proper stuff. Take a good look at the rods you've made over the past two or three years. Most likely, most will be rods of a similar scale - light fly rods, heavy spin rods, whatever. If you plan to continue with your rodmaking endeavors. . .then buy a handful of spare components which cover the range of rods you normally make. Have two winding checks in ten sizes, four tip tops in five sizes, and a dozen spare snake guides in each size you normally use. The dollars you invest will be well rewarded by the headaches you'll never have to battle. Russ Gooding

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