Gel Pen Reference

By Tom Kirkman

Here's a tip from Volume 5 - Issue #1 issue of RodMaker magazine:
Gel Pen Reference:

RodMaker Magazine

Gel pens are one of the better ways to inscribe a nice custom rod with yours customer's name and/or any nomenclature you wish to add. Some pens work better than others and it is wise to remember which brands work best for writing on rod blanks.

Often I have found that I can utilize several brands, all which seem to work wel, to get different shades of the same colors. As an example, you will fidn that the color of Pentel's gold is quite different from that of Pilot's gold which is different than the gold gel from Bertrol. With several shades of gel ink color to choose from, it is easy to match nearly any thread or desired shade. Trying to keep track of which looks like which is another matter.

Get yourself a scrap piece of blank/s in the color/s you normally work with. Now inscribe each blank with each pen of the same color, noting the brand and color of each in the inscription. Keep these in a safe place and use them for color references. To see what brand pen you need in order to match any particular thread, just take your sample blanks and choose the color that you desire. The nomenclature of that color will list the pen that wrote it. Choosing the right pen for the right shade of any color is now a quick and easy task. I keep a blank sample with several shades of gold and another with various shades of silver - two colors that vary greatly from pen manufacturer to pen manufacturer. ~ Tom Kirkman

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