Component Removal

By Burt Reese

Here's a tip from Volume 5 - Issue #1 issue of RodMaker magazine:
Component Removal:

RodMaker Magazine

Heat seems to be the one thing that will budge nearly any rod component and get it off the rod if need be. But the heat from a flaming torch or heat gun can be too high and damage the rod itself. Open flames can be dangerous as well.

I have been using a pot of boiling water for my heat source, immersing the rod and component I want removed right into the water. In the event that I am removing something like a wood insert seat that could be damaged by the water, I will enclose the rod butt in a heavy plastic bag which keeps it dry but does not keep it from being exposed to the heat. You still must be cautious of the danger of boiling water and what it can do to you if spilled. But over all I find this a very effective method for component removal and safer than using an open flame. ~ Burt Reese

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