Restoring Ferrule Fit

By Chuck Ritchey

From Volume 5 - Issue #1 issue of RodMaker magazine:

RodMaker Magazine

The next time a customer asks you to restore the fit to his old fishing rod with metal ferrules, don't turn the job down. There is an easy way to do it and it does not require removal or replacement of the ferrule/s in order to put the rod back into service.

A small tubing cutter fitted with a very dulled cutter can be used to make a very slight circular crimp in the female ferrule. I normally make on revolution near the top and one near the bottom. On longer ferrules I make three - adding an extra in the middle. Use very little tension on your first revolution and check for fit. If it is still loose, you can add a bit more tension and make another revolution. Normally it takes very little to restore a good fit.

You don't want to cut the ferrule, so it is important that your cutterhead is not sharp. I dull mine with a file and then polish with some fine emery cloth. I have heard of others replacing the cutter altogether and using a router head bearing in place of the cutter. This gives a wider crimp than the supplied cutter.

Small tubing cutters can be purchased at most any home supply or hardware store for less than $15. Very worthwhile if you do much repair work that deals with metal ferrules. ~ Chuck Ritchey

Publishers note:

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along! Help out your fellow rodmakers! ~ Publisher, FAOL

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