Customer Signatures

By Jim Pemberton

From Volume 5 - Issue #1 issue of RodMaker magazine:

RodMaker Magazine

Most of my customers like having their name on their custom rod. I usually do this for them but I also like to give them the option of signing it themselves. Having their exact signature, which they created, on their rod is agreeable to many.

There are two ways to do this. You can have them sign their name on a piece of clear tape and then transfer it to the rod. Wrap trim bands over each end and then apply color preserver and finish as usual.

Another method I have been using lately is to have them sign their name on a piece of paper. Then I scan it into my computer and reproduce it in white against a dark background color. I print this out at my printer's highest resolution and on good quality paper and affix it to the rod with 3M 777 spray adhesive. Then I coat it with Krylon Artist's Fixative or #1311 Matte Finish and apply a coat of color preserver and then finish as usual. It's a real custom touch that many appreciate. ~ Jim Pemberton

Publishers note:

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along! Help out your fellow rodmakers! ~ Publisher, FAOL

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