Inexpensive Dust Control

By Tom Kirkman

From Volume 5 - Issue #1 issue of RodMaker magazine:

RodMaker Magazine

An expensive dust collector/filter for your rod shop can be made from a cheap box fan and a furnace filter. Just tape the filter to the back of the fan and position it to catch any fine dust put off by sanding or shaping operations.

Your local home supply or hardware store is the best source for a wide variety of filters. Choose a filter based on how fine the particles are which you wish to capture. The finer the filter is, however, the more it is likely to cost. Still, a box fan and a good filter can usually be had for around $24 combined.

Continue to use your shop vac or specialty dust and chip collector right at the source to collect the big stuff and rely on the box fan collector to filter out the very fine airborne dust. Even if you do not shape or turn your own grips, a box fan dust collector unit can still be a valuable tool in your shop. Run it for an hour before you apply wrap finish and remove any airborne dust that would otherwise settle on your finish.

One word of caution - remember to replace or clean the filter on a regular basis or you run the risk of burning out your fan. An easy way to clean the filter? Tape it to the blow side of the fan (dust side out), carry the unit outside and turn it on. The fan will blow most of the loose dust off the filter and you can then return it to the normal configuration for regular duty. ~ Tom Kirkman

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