Checking Ring Guides

By Walt Reminger

Here's a tip from the Volume 4 - Issue #5 issue of RodMaker magazine:

RodMaker Magazine

Ceramic guide rings are great. They are slick, hard and strong and can last forever. They don't fray the line and don't get cut and grooved. But they are not indestructible.

I have found it is a good idea to frequently check my guide rings for tiny cracks or chips that might escape my over-40 eyesight. I just take a cotton Q-tip swab and run it around the inside of each ring a few times each season. If there is a chip or even a slight crack, it will trap some of the cotton Q-tip fibers and pull them from the swab. You can easily see these trapped fibers as they are usually pretty long and will be trapped deep in any crack or chipped area of the guide." ~ Walt Reminger. . . Fort Bragg, CA

Publishers note:

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along! Help out your fellow rodmakers! ~ Publisher, FAOL

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