Finishing Guides

By Jess Shipe

I have only built a few rods, but sure enjoy the process. Here is my tip . . . a really nice way to repoint the foot on a new line guide is to use the Carborundum impregnated rubber wheels that are available for your Dremel Moto Tool. This is a rubber like, grey colored wheel. Use this instead of a grindstone, as it removes smaller amounts of material, and it polishes as it cuts. (No rough surface to make your thread fuzzy!) You can buy these at most Wal Mart and K-Mart stores. Just one more tip, if you are using black colored guides, take the time to repaint the area that has been cut away. Use a Sharpie marker. They come in a nice deep black color. It hides the area that was cut and polished so it does not show through your rod wrappings. ~ Jess Shipe (aka "Jesse")

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