Single Foot Guide Damage

By Tom Kirkman

Here's a question from Volume 4, Issue #3 Issue of RodMaker magazine:

"I recently saw a posting on one of the rod building internet bulletin boards about single foot guides being damaging to fly rod blanks. Something about the foot prying into the blank when pressure is applied. Is this true?" Ben . . . Briarcliff, GA

RodMaker Magazine

In a strictly technical sense, there are always problems when you take materials with different modulus of elasticity and fasten them together and expect them to flex at the same rate. They won't, and areas of stress do exist then. But practically speaking, you have to take into account that the blank is not a fixed object and deflects when a load is introduced. The amount of flexture in any given area the length of a guide foot is relatively tiny and the thread wraps we use currently do not totally immobilize the guide and the blank to each other. Movement between the parts does occur, tiny though it may be.

I guess my point here is that we can argue about physical terms and properties all day, but practical experience is sometimes a better teacher. Since the mid-1907's millions upon millions of spinning rods with single foot guides have been sold. To date there has been no problem with single foot guides destroying the rod blanks they are attached to. The same goes for all the fly rods that custom builders have attached single foot guides to. So technically speaking, while some areas of stress do indeed exist, practical experience teaches us that they are of no consequence in this instance. Single foot guides and rod blanks seem to get along just fine. ~ Tom Kirkman

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