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By Bob Meiser

Here's a tip from the January/February 1999 Issue of RodMaker magazine:

"One way for dealing with the refusal of epoxy to adhere over certain India ink inscriptions is to simply stay away from those inks! I use a pen called a "Hybrid Gel Roller" by Pentel and have used both the gold and silver colors with 100% success for several years. These pens will produce a fine, clean, unbroken line, directly over cured epoxy or sanded/finished blanks. These are ball point pens, and will not scratch the blank surface as metal quill pointed pens often do.

RodMaker Magazine

If you botch an inscription, simply wipe the area with clean cotton cloth or paper towel moistened with alcohol, and start again.

If the pen "skips" as you're writing, just size and clean the area prior to writing, again with alcohol. Once the alcohol has evaported, try again. I now do this as a matter of course over all inscription areas.

When you are satisfied with your inscription, dry the ink for a few minutes with the higher setting of a two speed hand held hair dryer. Once dry, you are ready to epoxy over your work.

This technique makes a beautiful, clean, classy, hand-written inscription!

Another type of pen worth mentioning is the "Free Flow Feed" pens in sepia and burgundy. These are great on bamboo or small graphites as the inscriptions can be made very, very fine. Bob Meiser, Rogue River Rods, Ashland, Or"

Publishers note:
If you have any tips or techniques, send them along! Help out your fellow rodmakers! ~ Publisher, FAOL

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