Color Preserver or Real Finish

By Tom Kirkman, (RodMaker Magazine)

Here's a question from the January/February 2000 issue of RodMaker magazine:

"I have considerable problems with epoxy and rod finish but almost none with color preserver. Couldn't I just keep on putting on more and more coats of color preserver until I got a thicker coating and be just as well off as if I had used Epoxy? Brett. . . Birmingham, AL

RodMaker Magazine

Allow me to reiterate something Randall Kaufmann once said and which would be appropriate in your case- "You can get away with almost anything, but there will be some drawbacks." The fact is, color preserver will serve as a fair finishing medium, but only for a while. There are no color preservatives of which I am aware that were designed to be used as a final top coat on thread wraps. So the long term durability of color preserver used in such a manner is very suspect. While it will get you by in an emergency or as a temporary spot repair, I wouldn't recommend it as a final finish.

I think you could learn to achieve good results with epoxy rod finish with some practice and adequate background information on its use. If that still doesn't appeal to you, why not try one of the Urethane wrap finishes which are as easy to apply as color preserver but will give you a much better and longer lasting finish. ~ Tom Kirkman

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