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By Tom Kirkman

RodMaker Magazine This question is from Volume 6, Issue #5 of RodMaker Magazine:
Q. I want to build a 7 and half foot, 3/4 weight fly rod. I want to use single foot guides but was wondering if I should use the chrome or the Fuji style? Any difference in rod action? Armand, Haverhill, MA


I assume by "chrome" you are referring to the simple wire type guide versus a ceramic ringed type. Neither will change the rod's action in the least, although if you use guides that are very heavy and/or use them in greater numbers than is required, you can certainly undermine the performance and efficiency of your rod to a noticeable extent.

I would recommend sticking with the fewest and smallest guides that will perform the required task. I think you'd be fine with either type. The wire style is very inexpensive and work quite well. Quality ceramics are harder, last longer and some anglers believe that they just feel better with pressure on the rod. I agree with them. You won't ever have to replace one due to wear and they're quite rugged. Beyond that, and on the size rod you suggest, I think there would be little noticeable difference between them out on the stream. ~ TK

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