Fresh vs. Saltwater Rods

By Tom Kirkman

RodMaker Magazine This question is from Volume 6, Issue #5 of RodMaker Magazine:
Q. I read an article in a Fly fishing magazine in which the author suggested that there is a significant difference between freshwater and saltwater fly rods. His exact words were that "freshwater rods break." Help me get past this. Are there really rods that are designed from the ground up to be one or the other? Is there a difference in the construction of the blank? Scott via email.


By and large, the only difference between rods used specifically in saltwater rather than fresh, is the choice of components. Because of the harsher environment, saltwater rods are usually outfitted with more corrosion resistant hardware.

As far as saying "freshwater rods break," that statement is completely without merit. Any rod will break if you exceed the dead lifting capability that was designed into it, or abuse it, or whack it on something. Overstressing of tip sections and impact abuse and far and away the most common causes of rod failure.

Some manufacturers do realize the extra stress and strain that many saltwater anglers put on their rods in certain situations and may design the rods to be a bit beefier in the butt area, or may sacrifice some measure of performance in favor of a design that while heavier, gives you a little more room for angler error. So, it is fair to say that most 12-weight fly rods are capable of withstanding greater load and a few more knocks and bangs than most 4-weight rods are. But I don't think it's fair to say that "freshwater rods break" as a matter of record. Most rods don't break, unless the angler uses them improperly or hits them on something. I would hope that most anglers would never subject their 4-weight fly rods to the same kind of loads tha they might subject their 12-weight fly rods to. ~ TK

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