Counting Pennies
By Tom Kirkman

Here is a question from Volume 6, Issue #3 of RodMaker Magazine:

RodMaker Magazine

I thought the Common Cents article was great. But I work with the heavier fly rods and get tired of counting all the pennies each time. Is there something else I could use that weighs more to begin with, and then just add the needed cents once I get close to the needed deflection? I was thinking about getting some sort of solid weights and measuring them. What do you think of this idea? Rob...Hammond, IN

I think that as we all use the system more and more, we'll come up with some well needed shortcuts. One of them will be along the lines of what you mention.

I keep some very small zip-lock bags pre-loaded with pennies in various number. On the outside of the bags I write the number of pennies contained within. For instance, I have bags containing 10, 20 and 30 pennies respectively. If I end up needing, say, about 74 pennies to get the needed deflection, I'll quickly add two bags of 30 pennies each, one bag of 10 pennies and then an empty bag which I'll add the remaining single cent pieces to. But if you go this route you'll want to use the smallest and thinnest bags you can get. Small platic bags don't weight much, but they could add up and throw your measurements off if you go overboard. ~ Tom Kirkman

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