Do's and Don'ts
By Buddy Owens

This readers tip is from Volume 2, Issue #1 of RodMaker Magazine:

  • Do explain to the customer why his rod is superior to a mass produced rod.

  • Do equip the customer with the options available to make an educated decision.

  • Do allow him to question anything about his rod.

  • Do inform him of the proper way to care for his new rod.

  • Do inform him why his cork handle and Cermet guides cost so much.

  • Do provide him with the capacities of his rod. (i.e. lure weight, line size, reel size, etc.)

  • Do be consistent in your pricing. Remember that customers often talk to each other.

  • Don't underestimate a customer, as he might just know what he wants.

  • Don't try to charge a customer what you think he'll pay rather than what the rod is worth.

  • Don't do anything to a customer's rod that you wouldn't do to your own rod.

  • Don't try to snow your customer. His is fishing with your business card.

  • Don't ever cut corners for time's sake.

  • Don't get into a dispute with a customer. Try to inform him diplomatically what you have gleaned from your years of experience and let him make his own decisions.

  • Don't ever lie to a customer about the construction of the rod.

  • Don't ever talk down to a customer.

  • Don't take his word that "he'll send the deposit when he gets paid."

  • Don't try to hide slight imperfections on a rod.

  • Don't make promises about a rod that you know you can't keep.

  • Don't tell a customer you can provide him with something which you know you cannot. ~ Buddy Owens, Summerfield, N.C.

    Publishers note:

    If you have any tips or techniques, send them along! Help out your fellow rodmakers! ~ Publisher, FAOL

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