September 20th, 1999

To Catch A Bass

By Joshua Fahrney USA, (aka The Panfish Assassin)

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Have you ever tried to catch a certain species of fish and gone to almost any extreme to catch it?

My friend and I fish in a medium-size creek that has a fairly good population of bass in it. Until the other day I was about to give up the ol' bucket mouth. I tried almost everything, even live bait fishing (not that I have anything against it), but nothing seemed to work.

That changed when my friend and I went on our normal daily fishing trip down to the creek to try our luck with the bluegills. We both had been acting really silly that day (as usual) and thank goodness that the bluegills didn't mind because we were catching lots of them. As I walked up the creek I cast my popper into a small eddy to get it out from under my feet. The cast was successful so I proceeded to walk upstream.

Out of the corner of my eye saw what appeared to be a bluegill so I prepared to set the hook. To my surprise the fish almost pulled the 5 weight out of my hand. I began to reel in the fish when he jumped and revealed himself as a 1 pound large mouth bass!

Josh and nice bass

I began jumping up and down as soon as I landed the fish, and my friend ran toward me hollering and screaming. We safely released the fish, and frantically began fishing again.

Since that day my friend and I have been catching largemouths about every other trip. I hope this good fortune continues!

Tight lines and put em' back. ~ Joshua Fahrney

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