September 11th, 2006

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Weekend Trip
By Clyde Holmes, (Fishnbuger), Oregon

Photojoe (Joe Martin) and I went out over the long weekend. Pictures this time. My little Nissan loaded to go.

Car loaded

Went above Detroit, Oregon. We were concerned about the fires, but decided to go anyway. By the time we got to Marion Forks we figured out everything on East side of highway was closed. One of the roads on East side below.

We turned off on the road that heads back to Sweet Home. Interesting.

Another Road Closure

Oh well it's closed farther in than were going. We set up camp with stinging eyes, smoke everywhere. There was a Forest Service crew manning a pump station by our camp. They said we were nuts, but for the moment we were all right. Went back and set up rods. Poor Joe. After the Bamboo Buy he brought 4 rods and as you can see he didn't know which to line up.


My camera is not waterproof, so no fish pictures. Wasn't much too brag about anyway. Water was really low and clear. Spooky fish. We caught a few, but wound up spending a fair amount of time in camp just taking it easy. Thanks to FAOL two trout bums got together and have struck up a long friendship, unless we get burned up or fall in a river.


Here's one I hope Ducksterman comments on. We squashed a Scorpion in camp. Didn't know they were in mountains. We did find two new holes we hadn't fished before. The first was driving us nuts! Fish rising all around us and we couldn't buy a strike. Joe finally tried a Mayfly pattern that got some interest. By then it was almost dark and we went back to camp.


It was quite a hike, thought Joe was going to have to drag me out. All in all, it was a good outing for a couple of broke trout bums. ~ Clyde

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