July 10th, 2006

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Road Trip - Tullahome Tennessee
The Rest of the Story
By Jack Hise, Evart Michigan

Remember that Warren is going to pick us up at 9 am. Central time so Mike set's his cell phone alarm to what he though was 8 am. Central Time. We didn't know Cell Phones change time zones automatically. Fortunately a call of nature awoke me about 45 minutes before Warren was to arrive.

When he arrived he was greeted by two half-asleep fly fishing wannabe's still loading gear into Mike's jeep.

Warrens flies

Warren had tied six flies for us two Poppers and two each weighted Nymph's. Neither Mike nor I had much experience with nymph fishing and were eager to try them.

Soon we were off with Warren leading the way. We wound our way through the sleepy town of Normandy to the foot of the dam. Here Warren led us down stream about a quarter mile and soon we were knee deep in the Duck River. A truly beautiful river.

Warren is a gifted instructor. His K.I.S.S method is easy to understand and put to use. "Cast up stream and across that deep run, make a mend upstream to help the fly sink, let the current take your line, and watch your line for a hook up". It wasn't too long before I had my first trout on my 'Boo. Hoo Boy! Is this fun!

Jack and first trout on the boo Mike was having some problems casting and again Warren applied his K.I.S.S. method and soon mike was catching trees instead of grass. He was also catching a lot of trout.

About noon the skies became very unfriendly and we decided it was time to break for lunch instead of waving lightning rods in the middle of the river. We were having a nice tailgate party at Warren's pickup when the sky's opened up with a vengeance and we ran for cover at Warren's home.

Not a bad first morning. I had caught and released three Rainbows and Mike had scored seven in just a little over two hours. (I'm a slow learner.)

Shortly after arriving at Warren's the power went out, it actually went out several time but the last one looked like it would be our awhile. With no lights to tie flies or learn how to make furled leaders we headed up to Lynchburg to visit "Tim's Fly Shop."

left to right, Mike, Warren and Jack

Tim and Warren are good friends and we had a nice visit, made a few purchases and when the rain eased off took a walking tour of the town. If you like Jack Daniel's you will find everything from "T" shirts to fly rod's with their logo on them.

About five the sky's had cleared and we voted to go fishing. So off we went to a different section to the Duck River and one I'll never find again. There are no straight roads, but we learned there are also no dirt roads in Tennessee. I guess we were only about 600 yards from that morning's session and I don't think Warren has ever told a lie in his life.

As we worked our way down to the river Warren's warning to "Watch out for snakes" was a little unnerving! We worked our way upstream this time drifting nymph's through the fast runs and catching fish. This is where Warren showed us the art of high-sticking to get the fly deeper in the faster runs.

I was quickly catching up to Mike's morning count and had waded out in front of him and Warren. I was cookin', this was the best day on the water I'd ever had. I spotted what looked like a promising run and sent a fly it's way when I heard Warren holler "Hey Jack, I'm proud of you, most guys just walk right by that one. I pulled five out of there the other day!" I was not that lucky but had a few strikes.

It was dark when we got out of the river and that "Snake" thing had Mike and I a little worried. We had both caught ten Rainbows and lost as many in just a few short hours of fishing.

Back to Warren's for a great dinner. Ham, cornbread, mashed potato's, creamed corn, tomatoes and cucumbers. Cold beer of course.

It was one am when we left for the motel with a start time of 8 am. Saturday. We would return to the Duck on a different section. Warren felt the Elk would be too crowded and knew we would get fish on the Duck.

Saturday morning found us a little better rested and up early enough to have coffee and meet "Pop," the first face put to a name before they became a member.

Warren led us over to Cortner's Mill and the fishing was even better. The fish were bigger and Mike and I were catching on to the tricks of getting them to hand. We both caught several more before the sky threatened again (a daily occurrence this time of year).

We headed back to Warren's for some fly tying and furled leader making. My first leader sort of exploded! But I managed to complete two, just enough to get me hooked and turned to "The Dark Side." This evening dinner was on us.

We agreed to meet for breakfast at ten Sunday before we headed back to Canton, OH. It started raining hard during breakfast and it was a welcome delay to saying good bye. It was around 1 pm. (2 pm Ohio time) when we finally got on the road home.

We arrived back in Canton at 12:30 the next morning. Two very tired and happy guys. Thank you Warren for a terrific time. ~ Catcus Jack

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