May 8th, 2006

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My First Fly Fishing Experiences
By Chris Rhodes

The memories of getting my first flyrod are etched in my memory forever. Even though it has only been one year, I know that it will stick with mer. That little Pflueger starter set is still my only trout sized combo. The joy of ripping the paper off that gift is rivaled only by catching a fish with it. I already knew what it was, but it was still exciting.

I remember putting it together, and after about 30 attempts, I managed to tie a blood knot. Even though it was snowing, I ran outside to try to cast. I vividly remember stripping some line off the reel, lifting the rod, and promptly hanging the hook in my ear. After my mom took it out and bandaged the wound, I decided to tie on a piece of yarn instead of a hook. I stood for two hours trying to get the cast right, and finally managed to get casts about 20 feet before I had to come in or freeze. I can picture that in my head like it was yesterday or really as if it is happening right now.

I also remember when I first became interested in fly fishing. I was fishing a small stream with my trusty spinning rig for trout when I noticed an older man with a fly rod enter the water upstream. I watched as he made a perfect cast to an undercut bank on the opposite side of the creek. He popped the rod up and after a short fight, he had a fish bigger then I had ever caught in that creek. I went up to him and asked if I could just watch. He replied with a merry little "yeah sure kid." He wadded back into the stream, and placed another perfect cast to the same spot. I saw a large shadow, much larger then the first fish, moved out from the bank and drift under the fly. It must have drifted 30 feet downstream with the fly. The whole time, the man made little flips with his rod tip that I now know is called mending the line. The fish finally tipped up and, with almost no movement on the surface, the fly disappeared. The man lightly lifted the rod and the fish was hooked. It ran under the bank and around a log. The line snapped, and I still to this day I haven't seen a trout so big in that or any other stream.

I fished with the guy the rest of the day and was amazed at how he used that long rod, and how many fish he caught. Ever since that day I have been hooked on fly fishing. I still have not managed to take a trout with a fly rod, but I try my best every time. I still use my first rod at least once a week at the local pond for panfish. And I hope to be able to take a trout with it on my next trip. But if not, I will always be ready to give it a try. It is fun even if I don't catch a trout. Just being on the stream with a flyrod in my hand is enough for me. ~ Chris Rhodes

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