March 27th, 2006

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My First Rainbow
By Gabriel Goverchesky
Neuguen, Argentina

For my 30 birthday, my family gave me this awsome present: a complete fly set, nš 8 rod, an STH II reel, a complete sinking line and some fly boxes. They came all the way from Buenos Aires to Neuquen for my birthday (1250 Km in my dad's car). Fly fishing stuff here are VERY expensive and they knew that it will be very hard for me to buy it myself. And of course, they knew how much I love they gave me this incredible surprise.

Here in Neuquen we have great rivers and lakes where you can find Brown and Rainbow trout, and almost always you will find the originally resident of the Patagonian waters: the perch. Nobody likes the perch, it's a fish that doesn't fight, it simply goes to the bottom and gets pulled out of the water very easily. The meat of the perch is very tasty, but it has no sportive value.

So there I was, waiting for my first trout. But no trout was coming to my fly, only the perchs where attacking as if it was the last time they will see food in their life.

And then on my vacation, I went to Villa Pehuenia (300 Km from my home), with my wife.

And there I saw them. Around 10:30 am there where three beautiful rainbow trouts, swimming near the surface about two meters from me. One of them was attacking everything that floats: bugs, little sticks, leaves...but she didn't even come near my dry flies... about 12:00 they disappeared.

The next day I got up early and went to the same place. Nothing, not even one fish. So I went back to my tent and made breakfast for my wife and me. At 9:30 I went to my fishing place again, and watched horrified how an entire family were swimming EXACTLY WHERE I SAW THE TROUTS THE DAY BEFORE!

Forget about fishing there I sadly said to myself.

I tried some other places but nothing came out.

The next day I woke up early and went there, and waited for the trouts. Around ten other fishermen came and started spinning near me. I asked them to take some distance from me, so we all can fish comfortably.

At 10:30 the trouts made their entry. This time I tried with different streamers, and the trouts started to chase them but they where still not biting.

Until I tried with a silver body and green fins one.

That was the one.

One of the trouts saw it and started to approach...and suddenly, took impulse and attacked my fly like a lightning!

I couldn't believe the strength of that fish, it started to jump out of the water, 1, 2, 3 times and to swim at full speed...I was as happy as I could ever be...a few minutes later I dragged the fish near me and lifted it up with the net.

It was a beautiful animal, and about an hour later I realized that beside beautiful it was a really tasty wife cooked it with fried onion and a soft cheese sauce...not bad for my first rainbow trout!

I can tell you, since the first fish that took a fly from my line, I became really addicted to this fine art of fly casting.

I really hope that more people try this beautiful way of getting a little more closer to nature, and more and more people realize that the best for all of us is to help. ~ Gabriel

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