November 9th, 1998
Kudos to Al Campbell

by our readers!

Al Campbell who is writing the Beginning Fly Tying Series here on Fly Anglers On Line has received some neat comments from folks learning from his series. We thought it might be fun to share them! Especially since they truly are " Readers Casts. " No names are given, just initials since we did not ask specific permission to use the comments.

My first, but definitely not last visit to a great site! Al Campbell's how to section re Fly Tying is outstanding! I will be tying some Shapf Flys this week for a local jaunt. D.A. . . . Napa, Ca

Thanks a lot... I love your fly tying lessons by Al Campbell. Tonight was the first time I have seen it so I copied all 9 lessons and will start practising right away in hopes of catchin up. Will look for lesson 10 next week. Again thanks a lot. A.A.V. . . .Elgin, IL. USA

Thank you from Toronto. Your articles are the best I've seen on the Internet on fly tying, by far! R.H. . . .Toronto, Ontario Canada

Enjoying your weekly columns, and finding very useful, the Beginning Fly Tying, by Al Campbell. He is doing a really great job. As a former instructor, I can recognize the effort in his work.  S.M. . . .Minnesota

I want to thank you soooooo much for the beginners Fly tying 'course' you are giving online. I am learning sooooo much from it. As soon as I get another black refill for my printer I am going to print out one through four so I can go back through them again and again. I am looking forward to getting a vise next week, and hopefully some equipment thereafter. . . . PLEASE continue with the 'course' I surely do appreciate your help. I bid you peace, love and joy . . .C (no town given)

Just a quick note to tell you how much I've enjoyed (and still am) your series of articles on Beginning Fly Tying! Although I've been tying my  own flies for a while now, I've found every part easy to read and very  useful. Especially the last two on using whip-finishers. Just like you  said, I never bothered to use the tools and did it by hand instead. My   teacher (and most books) seem to prefer teaching the old methods only.   Bah! . . .Oh yes - please don't neglect to discuss the subject of tying deer-hair poppers for bass at some future point in your series of articles. Thanks again for the most interesting articles! . . .A. L. . . . Cape Town, South Africa.

If you haven't been following the Beginning Fly Tying section, you may be missing great tips and hints on all sorts of methods to tie. Along with suggestions on tools and materials. Maybe a fly you have not tied! Our thanks to those who sent the comments - keep them coming folks, Al loves to hear from you!

Don't miss out, join the folks reading the Introduction to Fly Tying.
~ DLB"

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