March 1st, 2004

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The Changing Game
By Robin Rhyme

Life is full of games. We are all playing some game, more than one, at any given hour of the day. How to get to work on time? How to make enough money to pay the bills? How to get rid of those annoying tree bores that ruin the fruit trees in the yard? And they can be even more serious, how to handle a mad man who holds the keys to massive destruction? But enough of all that, I am merely illustrating the point to lead into the game of fly angling.

Fly angling is a game that I play. Games are composed of freedoms, barriers and purposes. When I first began fly fishing the game was, "get a fly out on the water without snarling up all the line and leader and tippet" (what's a leader, tippet...?) That was the purpose and the barriers were obvious; lack of skill, knowledge, practice, motor memory.

As time passed the game held fewer barriers, became more interesting then less and less interesting as skills were gained. The game evolved. Getting the fly to light in a specific spot. Or possibly less splash or a lighter presentation. Again, gaining skill, overcoming not unknown barriers, gaining happiness as the game was won.

"What to do now? This game is boring. What's that? A sinking line?" Or the roll cast and fishing in tight little spots. Or salt water or distance casting or dries only "upstream and across."

As I see it we all have our personal games that we play. If our game has a different set of rules than the next fellows then so be it. Not going to insist that others play the game the way I play it. It's my game, my rules, my wins and losses and happiness gained.

So the next time you are looking at your game, maybe an analysis of what the game is, what the freedoms, barriers and purposes are and where you want it to go could give you some added zest. (If you cheat and apply this to more than fly angling well, I won't tell). ~ Robin

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