January 5th, 2004

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A Perfect Day on the Water

By Don Kelly, (skilledfisherman)

In the distance, a rooster crowed and blue jays chattered. The young man awoke to another cool morning as the song of the sparrow nipped at his ears. Today was no ordinary day, today the young man planned to head out fishing. The clock struck four and the lad marched out the door, in hopes of catching the big one. He began a three-mile trek into the wilderness till at last he reached a small clearing. A large glistening stone told the boy he had reached his final destination. The water trickled and snaked over and around various rocks and debris. A young buck took a drink not far upstream. The morning fog began to lift and it was clear that today would prove to be a good day of fishing.

The boy sat amongst a clump of grass and a small mouse soon joined him. The mouse scurried about the grass in hopes of finding some berries to eat. Still eager to find food, the furry little critter climbed an overhanging branch, almost causing his demise. Seeing the mouse about to fall in, a large trout hurried from its hiding place beneath a fallen tree. However, the mouse survived, and went about his business. The boy saw great opportunity in this. For once, he might actually catch the fish of his dreams. However, he still sat patiently waiting.

The lad reached into his vest pocket to find a box of flies he had spent so many hours making. He crafted each fly with such care and integrity. A large hairy fly caught his attention. Could that big old brown trout be outwitted by a mouse look alike? He pondered for a little while, but soon proceeded to tie on his fake mouse. Slowly the young man crept upon the river, so as not to spook its inhabitants. One slipup, one loud step could send every fish for the next mile running in fright. He concentrated on his goal, and almost immediately he saw his own reflection on the water. Slightly startled, he jumped back. Realizing his foolishness, the boy went back to the task at hand. He barely breathed as he headed for the far side of the river. His slow creep took close to an hour, but here time was not conceived and did not matter.

Again the boy sat and gazed at the water. He must allow enough time for the water to settle once again. In a few short minutes, the water cleared and the boy was ready to begin the procedure. He waded merely enough to get his boots wet, but he soon took his position. Again the boy thought, he could not make any mistakes or the fish would be gone. He assembled the rod and within moments, the boy was ready to make his first and possibly only cast. If this cast was not perfect he may never see the chance at the big old trout again. The fly ascended into the air and began to fly to and fro above the water. Before long the boy released the line and away the fly went soaring though the air. A picture perfect cast at first, but before long, the mouse soon ended up dangling from an overhanging limb. The boy could only think that his chance had just come and gone, and he had lost again. Just then, he remembered the real mouse that had visited him. The possible fall of the mouse from the dangling branch brought great anxiety to the trout. If only he could replicate this action. Being the smart young man he was, the boy began letting out line. The fly approached the water fast and faster before smashing into the creek. Just then, the cumbersome trout was coaxed into feeding. The trout scurried about the underwater rocks and took the fly right off the water.

The great battle began. It was man versus fish in an intense match. The fish ripped out line, only to be tugged again and again towards the shore. The old wise trout soon stopped his relentless runs and began his route to the shoreline. Within minutes, the fish was greeted by a very happy, yet surprised young man. For once in his life, the boy had beaten the fish in a tough battle. The fish gasped as he tried to breathe the gaseous air. The lad was more than thrilled with his catch, however he knew he must do what is right.

A kiss goodbye on the snout and away the trout swam back to its home. ~ DK

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