May 26th, 2003

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Magnet Patch
By Zack van Driel

When one of my friends moved out of town, he gave me a stack of VERY strong magnets (put one on your palm and another on the back of your hand and they hold, even if you "put your right hand in, and you shake it all about"). I said something memorable like, "What am I going to use THESE for?"

He said, "You'll figure something out."

Well, I figured a couple things out.

A strong magnet placed on your oil pan can catch the tiny pieces of metal that wear off your engine and end up in the oil.

You can entertain children and drunks for hours.

A magnet on the base of your tying vise can keep you from dropping your scissors, etc point-down on your legs and feet.

A magnet can pick up all those hooks, etc you spilled onto the floor while you were goofing off at the tying bench.

You can quickly find those old steel pennies in the that jar you found in your grandparent's attic.

The list goes on and on, limited only by your imagination (and the rules of attraction between magnets and ferrous objects).

Here's one use I just came up with a while ago and have found to be of immeasurable utility:

Put one magnet under the flap of a pocket on your fishing vest. Put another on top of the flap. Simple. No holes, no glue, no sewing. If you find a better place to put them, the magnets can be moved and re-attached in seconds.

What makes this so useful? I don't need a zinger for my nippers or hemostat. Since my hemostat is now imbued with the magic of magnetism, it grabs tiny dries from my flybox with ease (just try to get one at a time). I can put a dozen flies on the magnet, where they are easily accessible, instead of trying to unsnag them from the fleece patch on my vest (I save that for when they're wet and on their way back into the box). Whatever fly is tied onto my tippet holds firmly to the magnet while I walk/wade around, snag free. I use this "magnet patch" on my vest more than anything else.

It may not seem like a big deal, but I've given away my stack of magnets, two by two, and all of my friends that were lucky enough to get a pair use them constantly. Those that didn't get them are less than pleased.

If you can find magnets of this strength, slap them on your vest and see for yourself just how handy this small tip can be.

Just remember to KEEP THEM AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS, or anything that has a magnetic strip. ~ Zack van Driel (xaq)

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