February 17th, 2003

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Slicfoot Gets the Blues
By Dave Ulmer (aka Slicfoot)

I met Scott at about 7:30 a.m. at the boat dock and we went out into Lake Worth, Florida, to see what was in.

I started catching Jack Cravell right away, we fished there for about half an hour and then went out to the 'Big Water' (Atlantic Ocean off Palm Beach, Florida). It took us about ten minutes to get over a school of fish that turned the fish finder screen black, lots of fish at 60 to 105 feet down.
Slic and Jack

As soon as the line got out about 40 to 50 feet the fish started hitting. They were False Albacore, I was catching them as fast as I could get the fly out - there had to be 20 or 30 fish at this spot alone.

False Albies

It seemed that no matter where I put a fly all morning the fish went for it. I had a great time, by noon we estimated we had over 100 fish to the boat and released.

We took a short break to go into the marina for some ice and to give my arm a break.

Bluefish After this we went up along the coastline and looked for whatever would show up. Scott kept us about 100 yards offshore in the breakers, and I started catching Blue and Jacks - these Blues are the wildest fish. Catch one, throw out the fly again and five more fight for it.

Between the Jacks and the Blues there was never a cast that didn't bring in a fish, it was phenomenal.

Scott would pitch out a dummy plug, top water, and the Blues would take it and follow it right up to the boat, hitting it all the way.

We fished there for about an hour and a half and never pulled in an empty hook. We thought that by this time we had about 200 fish to hand, so Scott wanted to try for sharks.

Spinner Shark

The first spot didn't have any sharks so he went down the beach farther and found what he wanted, sharks! They had moved. After a few false hits, one took my fly and headed to Cuba. It took thirty minutes to bring it to the boat.

Spinner Shark

Scott and Spinner

Scott estimated it to be 6 feet long and about 80 pounds. Scott unhooked the shark and I was done for the day. After horsing that one in, my arm was dead.

Scott took the rod and cast to one he could see and got a hookup and he was in for some more fun.

You can see the force it takes to bring one of these sharks to the boat, look at the arc in that rod.

After a shorter fight he released the shark and we called it a day.

Scott Hamilton Blue H2O

Scott and friend

If you want to get into some real monsters you should fish with Scott. He is a super nice person and can put you on so many fish it will wear you out. ~ slicfoot

For more about fishing for Spinner Sharks, read: /features/saltwater/part89.php

You can reach Scott, (Captain Scott Hamilton) Hamilton Fly Fishing, Inc., in West Palm Beach, Florida. JC and I have also fished with Scott and he is a first class guide and boat captain. We highly recommend him. You can reach him at (561) 439-8592 (Until 9PM, EST) or on his website at: www.flyfishingextremes.com. or email: BlueH2OFly@aol.com

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