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September 7th, 1998
Pass Lake Washington Report

by Jim McCall

"PASS LAKE: A fly fishing only lake of 99 acres which lies adjacent to Hwy.525 at the North end of Deception Pass bridge to Whidbey Island. There are large rainbow and cutthroat in lake, with most in the 10 - 12 inch range. Other species include Atlantic salmon and brown trout. Boat launch facilities and campsites are located in Deception State Park at the lake's West end." Excerpt from: Washington State Fishing Guide, by the late Stan Jones.

Water is warm near the surface but there is still some activity on the surface from rainbow.  It is however a little sluggish.  The fish were not breaking the surface usually.

Taken on Royal Coachman
The trout pictured was caught on a Royal Coachman in the late evening.  There were a number of other people fishing, presumbably with wet flies but this is the only fish caught that I am aware of but not the only strike I had.

My son, Jay

I have included a picture of me and one of my son J to let you put a face with the 'chat room' activity.  I am the good looking one with the fish :-) ~ Jim McCall

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