Reader's Casts
June 8th, 1998
Japanese Fly Fisher

by Shin

Nice to meet you. My name is Shin. I am Japanese. I live in Yokohama city. Ages are 32 years old. I wanted the foreign friend, and I mailed it. It is a smattering of English. I like fly Fishing

The other day also I went for Asinoko of Hakone. I caught 70 centi rainbow trout. The fish body was very beautiful. When coming to Japan, please stop by, by all means, and please see it.

And the other day I went to Izu of Shizuoka prefecture for fishing. I caught Yamame of the mountain stream fish of Japan. It is called the queen of a mountain stream in Japan. Because you affix it, please see the photograph. I mailed it to foreign people for the first time.

Japanese Trout, Yamame

So please return me mail. I do not care in English. Let's replace it with the information of Fly Fishing. And if that is the case email Shin.


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