June 12th, 2000

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Invention Equals Angling Success

By Chris Harper

I made the Hand Held Vise after a trip to Hazel Creek NC. I was fishing without having any luck on the flies that were supposed to be in season. Then I saw a caterpillar floating down the stream. I watched as a huge Brown took it. I climbed onto the bank and sat there watching trout eat those caterpillars for a while. I sure could have used my vise then!

Harpers Hand Held Vise

Now that I have the vise my fishing technique has changed quite a bit. Instead of tying on a fly and jumping right in, I find a good place to sit and watch what is going on. After a while I create the perfect match to what the fish are eating and catch trout for hours. Some responses manufacturers have given indicated that they didn't feel fishermen would waste time tying flies by the stream. I would argue if the fishermen slowed down enough to tie a fly they would catch many more trout each and every trip.

I got into Fly Fishing because of the challenge the trout gives. Trout are picky about their food and that gives me a challenge to match and present that food. Tying my flies when I get to a location intensifies the feeling of accomplishment when I land a large trout other fishermen just couldn't get to bite. ~ Chris Harper

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