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Part Seventy-eight

By Geno Loro Sr.

Have you ever felt a little unsafe wading a stream or lake shore ? Had to fumble around trying to tie on a new fly and hold your rod? Forgot something on shore or just plain wish you had a cup of coffee...?

Here's the answer...

I use a small inner tube with a box laced on top of a round plywood board. Start by inflating the tube and measure the top center diameter.

Cut a 3/8" piece of plywood this diameter and drill a series of holes around the board's edge. Sand carefully. This will be laced around the tube with 1/8" nylon cord.

Construct a pine or plywood box as shown and attach to the circular board. Paint or varnish as desired. I cut a notch to hold my rod as noted in the drawing.

A nylon line with a clip at each end will hold the tube box to your waders at a distance that is comfortable to your needs.

You can now wade in comfort and safety, if you should happen to step in a deep hole, your tube box will immediately come to your aid. No effort is required to tow the tube box and moving upstream it will stay behind you until needed.

I once got in too deep crossing a stream at Lake Holiday in Illinois so I came up with this. I use this invention of mine when I flyfish along slow streams and lake shores. I found it gave me security.

All you float tubers will find this a handy addition to your fishing too. It will increase your safety factor and you can even have lunch among your piscatory pleasures. ~ Geno Loro, Sr.

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