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Furled Tail Mohair Leech

By Rick Zieger, Iowa

I have not been happy with the mohair leeches that I have made before. The tails did not look right and came apart fairly quickly. I was reading about a fly that used a furled tail and wondered why not with mohair?


I do like a small bead head on the fly as I think it gives better action.

Materials Furled Tail Mohair Leech

    Hook: Size from 8 to 14 but what ever you want.

    Thread: to match body color.

    Beadhead: 2 sizes smaller than charts call for on hook.

Method Furled Tail Mohair Leech

    1. Tie on thread at the front of the hook. Do not wrap to bend.

    2. Cut a piece of Mohair yarn about 6 inches long. Tie in at the front and wrap down the hook to the bend.

    3. Twist the thread, with your fingers, about 15 to 20 times. Put a needle on the yarn where you want the tail to end and fold the yarn over this. Tie down with 4 tight wraps at the bend of the hook.

    4. Fold the yarn back over the tail and make two wraps, firm but not tight. This helps to make this area the same thickness as the rest of the fly.

    5. Wrap the yarn, loosely, up the shank of the hook. Tie off with three thread wraps, cut the yarn and whip finish.

    6. I like to take a velcro button on the end of a popsicle stick and rough this pattern up some.

~ Rick

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