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Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

You get one of my rants on this. There is something about the fall that just does not work for me. This is the second year in a row that something has come up to blow two weekends of fishing for me. Even with my change in schedule this year the two weekends and the time between are gone. Last year it was a bladder infection that got me. It seems that I am getting so old and cranky that those sorts of things can happen to me. My personal physician told me it was because of my age that his happened. He took so much joy in telling me this that I reminded him that he was in my slip stream. After a few more comments we got down to what needed to be done for that. Bottom line was antibiotics to cure the infection, but a side effect was that I had to stay out of the sun as I would be very photosensitive. Trust me that this was true.

This year it was a different scenario. The brakes went out on the truck. The breaks got mushy and when I looked under the back I could see the liquid dropping down from the line. Like me the truck is getting old and needs parts to be fixed and replaced. We found that on Saturday morning before I was going to head out to go fishing. My wife told me to check as she felt the brakes were getting mushy.

That meant that there was no fishing over the Labor Day weekend. For an addicted (fanatic in my beloved's terms) this was a disaster. We took it into the mechanic on Tuesday. We did not expect it to get fixed really fast as it was not on the schedule. On Wednesday the mechanic called us up and told us that the rear springs were also broken on both sides. He told us that they were getting ready to slip out of the holders and cause some big problems.

I am such a great mechanic that this is all that I understood. I am like Bill Cosby is, I know where gas and oil go. Beyond that it is time to take it in and get it fixed.

Well it was not done on Friday. That means that it will be next week before I get the truck back and can get to a pond. I know that there is a time period where I cannot fish in this part of the world. I am still a little miffed that my sinking fly line does not go through the ice. It is supposed to sink, isn't it?

So it will be nearly two weeks again before I can get back out on the water. My mantra is right now is, "I am not cranky!" "I am not cranky!" "I am not cranky!" "I am not cranky!"

The response is "Wanna bet?"

Hope you have better luck getting out on the water. ~ Rick (written 09/08/08)

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