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Triple Digit Day

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

It is Sunday afternoon. My wife is still gone and there is no one to stop me from going to the water again. In fact the canoe was not unloaded from Saturday, "Weed Top Crappie". I actually thought that I had everything in the pickup. I changed out of my "Sunday go to meetin' clothes" and headed out.

I was going to a pond that I have been doing some work on. Two years ago it had a large algae bloom on it. I talked to the owner and told him I would clean up a lot of the algae if he would let me fish the pond. It took about a week of talking, but I finally got him to agree. I went to the pond and raked algae up onto the shore. It was nice that the wind was out of the west and blew everything to the east shore, where the entrance to the pond was. I used a regular garden rake to pull the algae up on the shore. I let it set two days, to drain, and then I went out with a few buckets and a four tined fork and picked it all up off the shore. It was a great addition to my compost pile. I did it one more time that year and once last year. After that the pond seemed to stay fairly clear.

The other thing that was done to help the pond was probably the greatest help. The owner fenced the pond in and pipes water out of it now to his stock. The stock cannot get into the water and mess it up. I think that is what caused most of the algae problem.

But today it is clear and time to see what might be in the pond. The other thing I have done today is to take flies that several folks have sent me and use them. I did not take my vest, so I could not go to my favorites. I would fish the flies given to me hard and see what they would do.

As I unloaded the canoe, I ran into the first indication that the mind is going. I did not have my fish basket with me. That meant that if I caught fish I would not be taking many of them home. On the other hand, Sunday is the day of rest and I would not be filleting a large number of fish.

The second thing I found was the camera was setting at home. The case is in the truck, but not the camera. That means no pictures of the pond. More proof that the mind is not functioning well.

I got onto the pond and made a cast with a fly. The fly had just hit the water when a bluegill smashed it. This was a nice sized gill and did not like that it was on the end of a line. When I got it in, I found the third thing that I did not have with me. My forceps were on my fishing vest, that I left at home so I would not be tempted. I did remember that I had another pair in a fanny pack in the pickup. I had to go get those forceps to remove the hook from the fish. Look for this fly as the fly of the week, Bluegill bomber.

I went back to fishing along the shore. I got a fish on almost every cast. In fact I started keeping track of how many fish I caught on each fly. When I got to six fish on the pattern, I took it off and tried another pattern. After I had caught six fish on that pattern, I tried another one. I wanted to see if they worked.

Here a pictures of a few of the flies. I did not take pictures of each and every fliy that I used. That would be way too many pictures.

They all did, some of the better than others, but that is what I expect to happen on any given day. But they all caught fish. I did loose a few flies when fish got the leader around some debrie in the pond. I am not sure if these were large gills or bass doing it, but they sure were fun to hook.

I had been asked if I would bring some fish back by some friends. They had company coming into town and knew that they loved fish. I had said that if I caught any I would bring them to them. I kept fish for the last 15 minutes I was on the pond before I went home. I figure they could stay out of the water that long and not go bad.

I did fillet them right when I got home. I had 33 gills that I had caught in that 15-minute period. I had been catching fish like that the whole time I was on this pond. That meant that I had had over a hundred fish day. I had 22 damp flies that had caught fish. That did not include those on the fly lines or the ones that I had lost.

I did take some fillets to the owner and have permission to fish the pond whenever I want to. I will return to this pond.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick

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