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Few Fish

Rick Zieger
By Richard Zieger, Iowa

I was back out at the lake after a week. I had not made it for the two days that I was sick.

It is not a good idea be try to drive that far over my lunch hour with my at home nurse taking care of me. She did a very good job, with a very bad patient.

We got some rain on Tuesday afternoon. In fact it poured for about 45 minutes and then had a steady rain after that. I had not done very well over the noon hour. One of the old geezers was out and he left disappointed. One little bass and one little bluegill were all I managed to get. I tried several flies and several different retrieves, but that made no difference.

I thought the front coming might help, but I was not in tune with what the fish wanted at the time. I went through a dozen flies, trying to find what might work. I picked the wrong ones to try.

When I got out Thursday there was someone at the settling pond. So I headed to the flat to see what might happen. The wind had been out of the southwest for over a day. I saw the wave action had made a mud line. That always seems to be a good place to toss a fly.

I got one little bluegill and a six-inch walleye while fishing there. The fish did not seem to think that it was as neat a place as I did.

It had to be a good place to be able to draw a walleye up in that shallow of water in the middle of the day. Where were the rest of the fish? I went through about two-dozen flies while searching for the fish.

I had hopes that Friday would be a better day. The temperatures were up. The low was 67 degrees at night. The high was to be in the low eighties. Seemed to be good conditions to me.

I tossed another couple of dozen flies at the fish today. I had a couple of little taps, but that was it. I tried bigger flies and smaller flies. I tried bright flies and dull flies. If the kitchen sink had been there I would have been tempted to throw it in.

I did talk to a couple of people that had been out on the lake. They did not catch anything more than I had. One of the guys had even tried worms for bluegills and could not find them.

The fish seemed to have a case of lockjaw. If not that, then they were hiding someplace that none of us found.

Hope you can get out on the water. ~ Rick (Written 10/04/07)

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